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Diese Ausarbeitungen stammen vom sehr renommierten lichtensteinischen Portfolio Manager Incrementum (Englisch). 

We are happy to send you the very 1st edition of our Bitcoin Chartbook, titled Is This Halving Cycle Over?

After every previous halving Bitcoin performed extremely strong for many months just to correct sharply thereafter. We have entered the time period which previously always has been crucial and therefore have to ask ourselves: Is this halving cycle already over? Or is there a possibility, that new all-time highs and the halving cycle peak are closer than we may think?

Click here to download the Bitcoin Chartbook

This Chartbook takes a deep dive into these questions, as well as a whole spectrum of other topics.

They include:

  • The Status Quo of Bitcoin

    • Price developments and comparisons since 2010

    • Ownership and supply structure

  • Digital Gold vs. Phsical Gold – Stability Meets Innovation

    • Are bitcoin and gold comparable assets?

    • Scarcity aspects

    • Historical risk metrics

  • The Elemination Race of Altcoins and the Role of Bitcoin

    • Market dominance of bitcoin

    • Growing crypto universe

    • Performance and correlation of bitcoin and altcoins

  • Quo Vadis, Bitcoin?

    • Technical indicators for bitcoin

    • S2F model and its implications for the current halving cycle

    • Oulook for bitcoin with three formulated scenarios

Thank you for joining us on our journey of non-inflatable assets! We hope you enjoy reading our first edition of our Bitcoin chartbook. Feel free to share this email with others who you think may also enjoy reading.

Quelle: Incrementum AG